Website Policy

KLP Community ( has been designed by northConway Online as a resource for the local Kearsarge Community to stay informed on local government and also to participate in an active forum about local topics that interest the immediate community and property owners of the village that is otherwise known as the Kearsarge Lightning Precinct.

We welcome input and opinions from residents and owners as they pertain to local topics within Kearsarge Village and the greater region, but we ask that you refrain from insults or attacks on any person, be they a commissioner, or member of the Kearsarge volunteer government, or a resident, or a property owner, or any other person.

By joining the online community at, you agree to conduct your postings with civil language and you will refrain from personal attacks on individuals. Any person who violates this rule will be barred from posting any additional item on this site. This site is protected by "Bad Words" .... so be good!  

This website is not the property or official record for the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct.  It has been developed with "Open Social", Drupal 8, and a variety of additional modules and "theme" enhancements by northConway Online. The goal of this website is to serve the public interest of the local community of Kearsarge,