Amendment #5, Proposed; submitted by Petition

Proposed Amendment #5, submitted by Petition
ARTICLE __: Amend the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct Zoning Ordinance, Article V, Residential-
Agricultural District, B.1, Criteria for Permitted Use of Residential Properties to replace the
existing paragraph d with the following language:
d. Rental or lease of Units, or offering of sleeping accommodations for consideration do not
need to be owner-occupied and operated and shall be allowed as follows:
1. Any sleeping accommodations rented to a person or persons for a term of thirty (30) or
more consecutive days shall be allowed in the KLP.
2. Rentals of less than 30 days shall be allowed by conditional use permit only.
a) Owners wishing to rent for less than 30 days shall be required to obtain a conditional
use permit from the KLP, to be renewed annually. In order to obtain a permit, owner
shall agree to the following conditions:
a. Owner to comply with safety requirements including smoke & co detection
and proper egress.
b. Owner to have a representative w/in 25 miles of property available to
respond to any complaint calls w/in 60 minutes of complaint (30 minutes
between 11:00 pm-7:00 am). Owner may self- designate if within that
c. Occupancy maximum of 2 persons per bedroom up to 5 bedrooms with 2
additional persons allowed. For example: a 2-bedroom home is allowed to
have 6 guests
d. # of vehicles limited to off street parking and shall not exceed 1 per
e. Recycling and trash receptacles shall not be stored within public view.
f. All abutters to be given a copy of the rental permit, including owner/owner
representative contact information.
g. All advertisements shall conform to approved occupancy limits and standards
as stated on rental permit.
h. Failure to resolve complaints in the listed time frames will result in the
1 st offense------$250 fine
2 nd offense-----$500 fine
3 rd offense-----Revocation of permit for 12 months

Fees can be assessed to owners of rental properties to pay for permitting administrative fees as
well as for the KLP to pay a 3 rd party to manage the identifying of rental properties, the
permitting process and management of a 24/7 complaint hotline, if deemed necessary.